Sandwich makefile

Sandwich webcomic from

Sandwich webcomic from

If you like this comic from, you are now able to reproduce the conversation in your shell. You only need this makefile:
me a:
ifeq ($(shell if touch / 2> /dev/null; then id -u; fi),0)
    @echo "Okay."
    @echo "What? Make it yourself."
.PHONY: me a sandwich.

Download the Makefile from my sandwich branch or copy & paste the text above into your preferred editor (you have to convert the spaces to tabs) and save it as Makefile. Then you can run “make me a sandwich.” in your terminal and see what happens.


18 thoughts on “Sandwich makefile

  1. I tried out your project, but much to my surprise, when I tried to get the computer to make me a sandwich, even when using sudo, it didn’t.

    Even when it said that it would make one, no sandwich appeared on either STDPLT or STDNPKN. I think the sandwich is incorrectly going to /bin

    Please fix or I will go back to Brevel and never use Linux for sandwich making again!

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