7.35 seconds for booting

Today I had to set up a new Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T400. I replaced the hard drive by a Super Talent Ultradrive GX2 128GB and extented the memory to four gibibytes. The installation of Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) took four minutes (time after answering questions and before rebooting to installed system). The notebook is fast with the SSD. After pressing the power button, the system needs nearly 20 seconds to reach GRUB. 7.35 seconds later the GNOME desktop is ready for usage.

Does your system boots faster?

Plymouth is nice, but it’s gone before it appears. The system boots too fast for plymouth. But why do I have to stare at plymouth quite a few seconds on shutdown? Shutdown shouldn’t take longer than boot.

11 thoughts on “7.35 seconds for booting

  1. Bios startup time is becoming a great problem for PC’s.
    EFI on my mac is quite faster, Can’t wait to try 10.04 on it.

  2. On every new asus eeepc netbook and maybe in some notebook too there is an option in the bios called “fast boot”. With this enabled the system need less then 2 seconds to reach grub.

  3. Shutdown is mostly slow because all the focus has been on boot time. A few releases ago we put some effort into it, but this has probably bitrotted a bit; it probably wouldn’t be too hard to deal with this.

  4. “Plymouth (…)’s gone before it appears” lol! Let’s ask’em to add a sleep() before starting up X…

  5. Why lobby for faster BIOS when we can lobby for a better alternative, like Coreboot.

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