How to remote control Impress

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I want to control Impress through my remote control on Linux. Does Impress has a lirc plugin or is there another easy way to do it? The system that hosts the presentation is used for other things, too. Therefore the current active windows is not always Impress. Sending a key code to the active window won’t work.

Update: The computer has two screens: A TFT and a video projector. It is used for audio recording and hosting the presentation. The active window on the TFT is the audio recording application. The presenter can only see the video projector and should be able to control the presentation with a remote control that works with lirc.

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  1. I’d love to know the answer to this too, so if you find out, please do consider making a follow-up post. Thanks!

    • I read this blog post. This remote control will probably send a keycode. This keycode will be received by the current active application. It’s not the answer to my question.

  2. Have a look at xdotool [1] (available in Debian as well).
    After finding the presentation window with ‘search’, you can send a key to that window:

    # fiddle with it to get only one match
    W=`xdotool search --onlyvisible` --class
    xdotool key --window $W 'Next'

    Should work.


  3. Thanks for the hint to xdotool. That’s the tool I have searched for. I will write a follow-up post once I finished the fine tuning.

  4. It’s as simple as pie, well after getting lirc configured.

    Lirc will work but since OO doesn’t support Lirc, you need to install lirc-x (as well as lirc and configure Lirc, which truly can be a real pain). See for a howto on the matter.

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