Poll: How to call the library?

Dear lazy web,

I am writing a library that implements the Units Policy of Ubuntu. This library can be used to format sizes (of files, disks, memory, etc.) for displaying them and the other way around. For example, the size 12345 bytes can be formatted to 12.3 kB, 12.1 KiB, or 12.1 KB depending on the configuration. An other function will give you the possibility to convert 12.3 kB, 12.1 KiB, or 12.1 KB back to 12345 bytes. The preferred binary unit can be configured by an text file (per system and per user) and by an environment variable. The library is written in C and doesn’t have any dependency. Therefore it can be used by any program on any desktop environment. Binding to other languages like C++, Python, Java are planned.

Before creating a project for this library, I need a name for the library. The current prototype is called libdisplayunits, but this name reflect only the half of the project. It does not indicate that the library can be used for inputting sizes. What do you think? What is the best name for the library? Please poll and/or comment below.

7 thoughts on “Poll: How to call the library?

  1. You may consider using a Free as in Freedom poll-service next time, especially considering that this is a free software related post aggregated on free software-related planets. You may want to take a look at selectricity: http://selectricity.org/

    BTW, thanks for taking care of this library effort 🙂

  2. Your example is out: 12345 bytes = 12.0 KiB.

    It would be clearer if you chose a quantity that displays rather differently depending on the units chosen.

    For example: 24680 bytes = 24.68 KB = 24.1 KiB

  3. Some synonym of “translate”; maybe “switchunit”.

    Also, I note that you are changing the precision of the values.

  4. Some random ideas, without thinking too much:

    – Unitify (libunitify)
    – UChoose (libuchoose)
    – Unit Select (libuselect)
    – Unit Manager (libumanager)
    – Unit Translator (libutr)
    – Unit Relativity (liburelativity)
    – System Units (libsysunits)
    – Unit Format (libuformat)

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  6. What’s the difference between kB and KB? In both cases you’re looking at bytes (big-B), and I’m not aware of any other k prefix besides kibi/kilo so its capitalisation shouldn’t matter.

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