Poll: libkibi VS libbyteprefix (or: How to call the library? 2)

Dear lazy web,

thanks for voting the best name for the library that helps implementing the Units Policy of Ubuntu. The winner with the most votes has been libkibi. There was one suggestion that got my attention: libbyteprefix. The suggestion came too late to have a chance. Therefore I ask you again to vote for the library name, but this time only these two names are open for voting: libkibi and libbyteprefix. libkibi is short and sounds good. On the other hand, libbyteprefix describes exactly what the library is supposed to do.

I was asked to use a free (as in freedom) poll-service. So please go to the Selectricity unitspolity vote and select your favorite. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Poll: libkibi VS libbyteprefix (or: How to call the library? 2)

  1. There is probably a selection bias built into that polling system since just clicking the button will result in a vote for libbyteprefix. libkibi is slightly ahead at this point, so it may not matter, but if the result is slightly favorable to libbyteprefix, you might want to consider this.

  2. Besides, people without Javascript apparently can only vote for libbyteprefix. I’d prefer that one anyway, but will abstain to avoid skewing the results too much 😉

  3. As a note, there is already a libkipi, so it might be good just for the sake of less confusion not to choose libkibi, even though the names are different.

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