Hardware review I

This month I built two systems with identical hardware component (except for the case). Here’s the list of components:

Cases often don’t meet my high requirements. Many cases are sharp-edged, bad designed (inside and outside), use cheep plastic, and/or vibrate, because the hard drives confer their vibration to the case. The Sugo SG02-F case is not perfect, but I will recommend it. The Silentium T11 case has no shard edges, but I won’t recommend it. Too much plastic and optical not appealing.

You probably have to replace the boxed CPU heat sink and use a better power supply if you want a silent system.

How well do these components work with Ubuntu 10.10 (and probably other recent GNU/Linux distributions)? Perfectly. Everything that I tested worked:

  • The USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports work with everything plugged in (mouse, keyboard, flash drives).
  • Audio works (only stereo output tested; 5.1 sound was available in Pulseaudio)
  • 2D and 3D graphics work with the free (libre) radeon driver (Compiz runs)
  • LAN works

10 thoughts on “Hardware review I

  1. I can recommend Antec Titan 650-EC. I bought it primarily to build a 5-disk RAID but it turned out to be very well made. The only issue is with the front-door that is hard to fix back at times but it does not bother much.

  2. can you tell me if it runs debian squeeze?….. i have been looking at that asrock mother board for a “new” computer and haven’t had much luck finding out if it works….out of the box,,,as it were……i.e. if it requires $R%#$@$# non-free “DFSG” software

    • Sorry, I don’t have access to the hardware anymore. I built the computers for someone else.

      I didn’t have to install non-free “DFSG” stuff to get the hardware working. I assume that Debian squeeze runs on it. You may have to install firmware-linux-nonfree and upgrade the kernel. Ubuntu 10.10 uses linux 2.6.35. Debian squeeze uses linux 2.6.32.

  3. Nice, next time put the memory in two channel mode by installing in memory-slot 1 and 3 and replace the standard cpu cooler for a quiet one

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