A bug in my mobile phone

I own a Samsung SGH-X160. It’s just a mobile phone for telephoning and writing SMS messages. I was sitting in a train last weekend and wanted to add a note to my task list in T9, but the phone didn’t know Eclipse. I wanted to add Eclipse to the dictionary, but instead the phone crashed (rebooted). I tried it multiple times and it’s reproducible:

Grab your SGH-X160, add a new task (Aufgabenliste -> Optionen -> Neu), type 3254, T9 will suggest Eckh, press zero to toggle T9’s suggestion until it gives you the option to add the word to the dictionary, press adding (Zufügen), correct the word to Eclipse, press OK. Your phone will go blank and then present you the boot splash for a half minute.

I want to file a bug and grab the source code to fix this bug. Oh, that is not possible, because the OS on the mobile phone is not free (libre) software.