How to purge Wine completely

I had Wine installed and wanted to get rid of it completely. I removed the Wine Debian package and what belong to it, but the Windows applications still appeared in the GNOME main menu. I removed the .wine directory and all local wine-related desktop files:

rm -rf ~/.wine ~/.local/share/applications/wine
rm -f ~/.local/share/applications/wine-* ~/.local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache

Now there is no sign left that Wine was installed.

Love and hate search results

I read I love Google search results… OS X trails Linux and I am not satisfied with the search method. For example, I love Suse gives 408,000 results on On the German website the first result for this search is WINE I love you on the openSUSE Forums. To reduce these false results, I searched the whole string in quotation marks. But is number of lovers a good indicator? No. Therefore I compare the number of lovers with the number of haters. Here are my results (searched on

product I love I hate ratio
Internet Explorer 43,300 778,000 0.06
Debian 43,800 15,100 2.90
GNOME 50,500 92,000 0.55
Google Chrome 84,000 62,600 1.34
(Open)Suse 90,200 16,100 5.60
(Mac) OS X 159,600 65,800 2.43
Fedora 175,000 14,800 11.82
Windows 7 197,000 82,700 2.38
iPod 205,000 46,200 4.44
Microsoft 285,000 381,000 0.75
(K/X)Ubuntu 307,057 137,674 2.23
Linux 547,000 107,000 5.11
Windows 564,000 500,000 1.13
Firefox 987,000 66,400 14.86
Youtube 1,860,000 200,000 9.30
Google 2,180,000 167,000 13.05
KDE 6,210,000 83,800 74.11

BTW, there are no Edubuntu haters. I love GNOME, but where are all the GNOME lovers?

Edit: I have added Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.